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Formula Guide

How do I know which formula is right for me?

The formulas are named based upon the amount of moisture they give, Light delivering the least amount and Ultra the highest. It also reacts to the environment you are in, making the climate a factor.

So, you might want to try the light if:

  • you live in a very humid climate or if your skin is not very dry.

You might want to try the medium if:

  • you live in a humid climate and your skin is very dry.
  • You have average skin and your climate fluctuates, sometimes it is more humid or dry than others.
  • You are unsure which formula to get, this gives you a good starting point.

You may want to try the Ultra if:

  • you live in a dry climate and your skin is dry.
  • You live in an average climate but your skin is very dry

Many of our customers use 2 formulations. One for Winter when it is drier and one for summer when it is usually a bit more humid. We also have customers that use one formula for when they are home and another formula to suit the climate of wherever it is they may be going for competitions/tours/performances.


What's DEW DRY?!

We are so glad you asked! 

It is our newest creation and it is taking the pole and aerial world by storm! We took your favorite things about your old chalk based grip aid and tossed all the yucky things to make Dew Dry. 

It is a vegan chalk based hand and body grip good for all skin types. With only 3 ingredients it is easy to tell what you are putting on your body. In testing we learned that it lasts much longer than other chalk grips, and can be reactivated with a damp towel, a small amount of pole cleaner, friction, or sweat! 


It is Available in 2 strengths, Regular and Ultra, for every season and every skin type- we've got you covered! Available now online and with our distributors. =