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Dew Point™ Pole Athletes

We love our athletes!


Mimi is 14 years old and she has been learning pole for 6 years. Mimi originally started training with Ruth Vass at Spin City Brimpton and she also now trains with the amazing Daniel Rosen at IFA pole and Aerial. Mimi has performed at UKPPC, IPAAT, Pole World Festival and she is the first Child to be allowed to perform at Miss Pole Dance Pro and also Pole Expo in Las Vegas. Mimi is the first Youth Brand Ambassador for Wink and she has just launched the 'Mimi Set' after Wink named a set after her.

Mimi is also the first child to become an Xpert Pole Fitness beginner and intermediate level 1&2 instructor with Xpole and she is thrilled to be certified by such an amazing company. Many of Mimi's dreams have already come true and with hard work and dedication she hopes to continue reaching her goals. Mimi is the British Pole Superstar Youth Champion 2017 and runner up and best entertainer 2016 along with being the Cheshire Aerial Youth Champion 2016 & 2017. Mimi had the honour of competing in the professional category at Pole Theatre USA with a father/daughter routine with Daniel Rosen - this was a dream come true for her. Mimi is so honoured to be a Dew Point Pole Athlete and can't wait to see the future hold for her.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @Mimipolegirl




Julien Miguel

Julien Miguel is a competitive Pole dancer from Colorado. He loves the lyrical side of Pole and his favorite thing to work on are elegant spin flows. He is the 2015 North American Men’s Elite Champion, the 2016 Expo Peoples Choice and also the 2017 Colorado Pole Dance Champion. He has also competed internationally in the PoleArt championship series in Greece and France. Besides Pole dance, Julien loves puppies, Chinese food and chocolate chip cookies. All of the good things. He is so excited to join the elite team of Dew Point™ Pole.    

Social Media:

Instagram: @julienmiguel

Jen Schofer

Jen started her training in the performing arts at the young age of 5. She trained all forms of dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and vocal performance. After graduating from college with a BS in Biology, Jen moved to Portland Oregon where she found her love for the aerial arts. She began teaching and performing with the a local Pole Dance Company and began competing in professional pole dance competitions from which she now holds multiple titles. She most recently moved to Las Vegas to work in Forensics and to continue training and performing with the best in the world.

Social Media
Instagram: @jenschofer

Carly Child

Carly is a handbalancer, aerialist, and pole dancer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  She has been teaching and training in flexibility and handbalancing for over 10 years, and has been competing as a pole artist for 3 years. Journeys never end, they only change. Carly has evolved from back yard flipping, to gymnastics, rock climbing, yoga, contortion, aerial silks, handbalancing, pole, and a good 5 year hiatus from all things due to injury. Combining every element from her past, including safety and rehabilitation techniques, has created a journey of discovering her own animal like movement quality in pole and handbalancing.

Competion titles
2017 Pole Theatre USA Drama and Overall
2017 Pole Art America
2017 USPDF pro qualifier 
2016 Pole Theatre USA Art
2016 PSO Nationals
2016 Pacific Pole Championships Runner up
2015 National Aerial Pole Art Runner Up

Dalton Rhodes

Texas native, Dalton Rhodes began his pole journey in 2016 at The Brass Ring Chicago where he currently teaches and trains. He comes from an extensive dance background that helped fuel his passion for the art of pole dancing. Dalton has performed, competed, and instructed across the United States and is incredibly excited to join the Dew Point team. =